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At Forward, we decided to challenge the United Nations Secretary-General selection process: it is not transparent, not democratic, and We, The people, don’t have a say. As such, we launched a campaign and are running progressive primaries to find a people-backed candidate to run for Secretary-General this year. People from all corners of this planet joined this initiative and helped put it together!

We accepted candidacies and scouted for highly qualified candidates (with diplomatic & political experience) that met the following two requirements: 

  1. Candidates cannot be men
  2. People joining the Forward initiative, whether as voters or candidates, must have and uphold progressive values

More details here

Prospective candidates had until the 25th of April to send completed applications.

After working tirelessly, we managed to secure participation in the primaries of two incredible leaders. Following a conversation, they realized that they formed a super duo, and decided instead of competing for the top position to run on a ticket: for Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General, adding thus more transparency to the selection.


As such, given that we received a single ticket, and do not have candidates competing for a post we will run a confirmation vote. 

On May 1st, 9 am UTC, registered voters and volunteers of Forward will be able to vote in favor or against the candidates representing Forward in the selection process. The vote will be closed on May 3rd, 9 am UTC.

The vote will be performed digitally, and all participants will receive a link to express their preference. During the voting process, it will also be possible to leave a comment/suggestion for the candidates.



Rosalía Arteaga Serrano intends to run for the position of UN Secretary-General on behalf of the Forward movement.

Ms. Arteaga is an Ecuadorian politician, writer, lawyer and social activist. She was the first female President and Vice-President of Ecuador. Former Secretary-General of Amazon CooperationTreaty Organization ACTO, she was also a member of the board of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. A member of the World Academy of Art and Sciences, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Library of Alexandria (Egypt) and an Academician of Honor from the Royal European Academy of Doctors. 

“I am convinced of the importance and validity of international organizations. I believe that they are called to play a fundamental role in this society of the third millennium and the post-COVID era. In this sense, women have a lot to contribute. The UN must be open to female leadership, be inclusive, and show that solutions can be generated based on a different perspective.

Curriculum Vitae: English español

Candidacy Statement: English | español 


Paula María Bertol intends to run for the position of Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations on behalf of the Forward movement.

Ms. Bertol is an Argentinian politician and lawyer. She was Ambassador of Argentina to the Organization of American States, presiding the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism, Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Administration and national Congresswoman for two periods. 

“I truly believe that the principles of Forward are of great importance, that is why I decided to join this initiative. The purpose of open elections, with candidates that emerge from and are supported by the popular vote will result in greater participation of society in international organizations, in line with the proliferation of global mobilization groups.”

Curriculum Vitae: English español

Candidacy Statement: English | español 

Paula Bertol