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It’s time for a woman to become the next United Nations Secretary-General. Together, we can move forward by challenging the non-democratic process at the UN that is more about selection than election. Our world needs hope, but above all actions arising from a bold and progressive agenda. It is time for the United Nations to be more effective and to better represent the voice of all citizens of the world, across borders.

Rosalìa Arteaga, former President of Ecuador, and Paula Bertol, former Argentinian ambassador, have taken up the challenge to run a positive campaign to become, respectively, the next UN Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General. More details here.

Now, it’s time to challenge the status quo together and to elect a people-backed candidate at the head of the UN. Change is only possible if every voice is being heard. But to be heard, we need to reach as many people as possible and it requires financial support. No matter what your financial means, whether it's $ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 250 or $ 500, it will make all the difference.

To continue our work of mobilizing people and moving forward, we need your financial support!

$155 Raised

GOAL: $3,000.00

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