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The UN Secretary General campaign 

What’s happening with the Secretary-General? 

The next United Nations Secretary-General is about to be chosen. They will not be elected but selected. The proceedings have already started, and most of the world knows nothing of it. In June 2021, or maybe July - the date of the U.N. Secretary General's selection is not even public - the world will have a new leader.

The people will have no say.

There will be no free and fair, popular, democratic exercise but rather backroom deals involving - in particular - the Permanent five nations of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, USA, and the U.K.).


Why does it matter?

The U.N. leader representing 8 billion people in 194 nations and is chosen - ultimately - by five heads of states, all men, some with authoritarian inclinations. Does this make sense? Certainly not. Can this be changed in time for the new appointment? Hardly, but it's worth showing the world that people want to have a say.

Elections must take place for the Secretary-General to have the credibility required to lead the world and for the people to be heard. Given the lack of democracy of the official selection process and the impossibility for citizens to launch an initiative to reform this outdated process, new ways to make humanity's voice must be explored. A point needs to be made. So let’s make it, let’s challenge the status quo!


How will the UN Secretary-General campaign work?

We are running progressive primaries to find a people-backed candidate to run for Secretary-General this year. People from all corners of this planet can join this initiative, vote and themselves become a candidate. Only two requirements exist. 

  1. Candidates cannot be men: they have to be of another gender. There have been nine Secretary Generals in the last 76 years; all were men. As Antonio Guterres said on the 7th of March 2021, "Gender equality is a question of power. But equal power will not happen by itself in a male-dominated world". Men have had too much power compared to others for too long. It's time to change this at the highest office in the world. 
  2. People joining the Forward initiative, whether as voters or candidates, must have and uphold the following progressive vision: human societies can progress only if every one of its members has access to the same opportunities and enjoy the same rights in every territory, nation, and state.

The vote will open on May 1st and will run for 2 full days.

How can I participate?

We are glad you are asking. There are three main ways of doing it:

  1. Register to vote: you can already do so here, and will be kept up-to-date of all our activities! 
  2. Volunteer: we need heroes like you to make this project fly! So if you are up for a challenge and want to become part of a team of change-makers, check out the details here.
  3. Become a candidate: would you like to participate in those historic primaries and challenge the incumbent? Register to become a candidate here. 

You can already register to vote and/or become a candidate. The vote will open on April 30th and will run for 3 full days.